Coronavirus Risk Mitigation Action Plan

Please read the information below carefully; it describes how we protect our staff in these uncertain times and gives advice to visitors to our premises.

Please do not visit our premises if you are feeling poorly, have been diagnosed with Coronavirus or if you are in one of the higher risk or clinically vulnerable categories.

  • We ask potential visitors to examine whether a face-to-face meeting is necessary – for example could we discuss issues online using Zoom, Teams, Facetime or Skype?
  • If you do need to come, please make an appointment beforehand to ensure we keep to our building capacity; we will also keep a record of your visit in case contract tracing becomes necessary
  • Visitors are encouraged to wear non-medical masks
  • We limit face to face meetings to a single member of the Addicus team to one visitor only. Other visitors will be asked to wait outside.
  • Please sanitise your hands on arrival
  • Make us aware if you feel poorly or have been diagnosed with Coronavirus and you visited us within the previous 14 days

Thank You